The Director

Mr. Shelley is in his twelfth year of instructing students in Drama, Tech and other aspects of the theatre at Pleasant Grove High School. During that time, he has worked with students and staff to develop the program into what it is today. Productions such as Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera and Brigadoon have all crossed the stage under his direction. He cares about the students. He cares about their success. Mr. Shelley has worked to give the students at Pleasant Grove the opportunity to experience new insights and joys that drama, tech and the theatre have to offer.  This web page is dedicated to those different aspects of the PGHS Drama program that make it fun and exciting for the students.

Drama Council

2014 – 2015

Drama Council

Front Row left to right: Emma Hardman, Corbin Neider, Victoria Perkins, Emily Guilott, Hannah Davis, Alyse Walker, Emily Michaelis

Back Row left to right: Madi Mcclain, Amanda Aamodt, Aubrey Griffin, Marissa Burkett, Ryker Jeffs, Ian Woodward, Andrea Church 

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